The Next Stage in Lithium-Ion Technology

Forklift Batteries

Forklift Lithium-Ion Batteries are ideal for powered trucks, forklifts, pallet jacks, & other electronic vehicles. 

AGV Batteries

Lithium-ion AGV Batteries suited for Automated Guides Vehicles (AGV).

Portable Power Pack

The Portable Power Pack (P3) is a multi-voltage, Lithium-Ion mobile power system for industrial equipment.

GSE Lithium-Ion Battery

Ground Support Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries are suited for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) commonly found at airports.

Group 31 24v Floor Scrubber Battery

Floor Care Batteries

Floor Care  Lithium-Ion Batteries suited for sweepers, scrubbers, and other floor care equipment.

Stationary Lithium-Ion Battery

Stationary Batteries

Lithium-Ion Stationary Battery replacement system for UPS, data centers, and other stationary applications. 

Why Blue Line Battery?


Faster ROI in 1-2 years compared to lead-acid batteries.

On-Site Training

Extensive training to ease the transition for our customers


Committed to providing custom lithium-ion power solutions for any application.

U.S. Based

100% American made from engineering and manufacturing to sales and support. 


Blue Line Battery works closely with equipment dealers, distributors/dealers, and end-users.

Forklift Equipment Batteries

Aerial & Scissor Lift

Aerial & Scissor Lift Batteries

Custom Batteries


mystery person
{Blue Line’s lithium solution eliminated our maintenance headaches. The ease of use and safety make this battery well worth implementing.
The Coburn Company
mystery person
{Blue Line’s systems have a fast ROI and have proven to be more robust than other lithium-ion systems we have tried in the past, especially in cold-use application.
Michael Breckenridge
Fleet Manager

Who We Are

As an engineering-driven technology company, Blue Line Battery designs and manufactures lithium-ion power systems. 

Blue Line Battery is a solutions-oriented team who solves problems in an innovative way. The lithium-ion batteries are significantly longer-lasting, increase safety, operate more efficiently, and lower costs over the long-term. 

 Blue Line offers a wide variety of lithium-ion drop-in replacement batteries and continues to expand its inventory to suit Automatic Guided Vehicles and Ground Support Equipment.  

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