Frequently Asked Questions

Does one of your systems need ballasted weight requirement?

Yes, the systems are all designed to meet weight requriements, but check your truck’s weight requirements before installing the pack.

What chargers can your systems use?

High-frequency chargers programmed with compatable lithium-ion algorithm.

How do we need to adapt to use your power systems?

No changes need to be made. Our systems are plug-and-play.

How safe are your industrial lithium-ion batteries?

Our batteries have multiple built in safety features including Battery Management Systems, insulated compartments, user-replaceable fuses, and thick steel-cased walls to ensure safety in any circumstance.

How do your batteries facilitate fast charging?

Our batteries use multiple charge plugs to facilitate parallel inputs to the battery.

How do your batteries handle extreme temperatures?

Our batteries are suited for both cold and extreme heat situations.

Are your batteries compatible with my truck's state-of-charge indicator?

Yes, the state-of-charge indicator will read accurately.

How many batteries per truck is necessary?

With lithium-ion, you only need 1 battery per truck, as lithium-ion is significantly more efficient on charge and discharge.

Are your batteries able to communicate properly with our forklift and charger?

Yes, upon request we integrate a CANbus enabled Battery Management System to ensure the battery meets applicable communication protocols.