About Us

Mission Statement:

To provide our customers with the most cost-effective lithium power solutions at a premium quality.

Who are we?

BLUELiNE is an engineering-driven technology company that designs and manufactures lithium-ion power systems for a variety of market applications including; industrial, stationary, small electric vehicle and solar.

Why are we different?

There are several reasons why we continue to exceed customers expectations:

Rapid Prototyping

We are able to rapidly prototype, which allows us to create custom solutions for customers in a timely fashion. We utilize cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create custom components that we implement into our products.

On-Site Training

We understand that switching to a new technology can be difficult. Our goal is to mitigate these challenges through extensive training with our customers. This makes the process easier and ensures our customers feel fully comfortable with our products.


With our team of engineers, we are committed to providing economically viable custom lithium-ion power solutions for any application.


U.S. Based

We are proud to be located in Wisconsin, USA!

Want to know something else?

Feel free to reach out!